winter break is over | 7feb22꒱࿐♡ ˚.*

went to skool today :33 it was a nice dayy i realized how much i missed my friends and spending time with them! it seemed like most of my friends spent their holiday quite productive unlike me ahahhshdja so that did stress me out a bit ngl ;-; so i stayed after school to study a bit with one of my friends dora, we talked abt skool related stuff and that talk really motivated me i think! i really should start focusing more on my classes jhfbdkhjbc

i recently started joining zines and its been both super fun n stressful at the same time lol i feel happy that i went out of my comfort zone and started applying for zines since that was a goal of mine for this year! the deadlines and feedback stuff are the stressful part for me since its my first time n i dont wanna mess things up :0 but i think im doing great so far! just sent my wip for the 2nd check-in yesterday cant wait to hear the feedback on that :D

im also really grateful for the support ppl have been showing for areopagos so far! cute comments on my profile/guestbook always make me super happy and motivated to update more! ill add some of them here so i can look back at them when i feel unmotivated and be happy again! >:D wowoowowowow

new beginnings | 5feb22꒱࿐♡ ˚.*

wowow finally the journal is up and running! my english is not the best so my rambles might be a bit wonky but hopefully its somewhat understandable!~
gonna write a bit abt the site cuz idk what else to talk about 8) i first found out about neocities through ranfren! my beloved,, and it clicked something in me idkk someone putting that much effort and time onto their ocs/story really ispired me i guess :3 so i ,with my little to no knowledge abt html, wanted to do the same as well,,,after a few hours of digging around sites and finding all these cool ppl on the internet i decieded that i wanted to make my own site as well!! and thus was (kind of) born on jan17,2022! things werent as easy as i thought they would be tho,,, html is,,well,,,hard jhfjgdsjfgdfhsjf and i wouldnt say that im satisfied with the sites current layout either. the urge to scrap everything and start again with a new aesthetic after i discover a new cool site is huge,,,but im too lazy...ill quickly link the current look of the site for future referance [5feb22] other than the stuff i already talked abt,,i really wanna make more mutuals gah,,theres literally so many cool ppl im- if i can build up the courage ill try to email some people,,im kinda scared tho ahahsshjjshd anyways thats all for today :33 maybe in the future ill talk about my daily life as well, its a bit too chaotic now...if youve read till this far im sending you virtual hugzz!! >:3